About ICT department

The ICT department teaches IT, business and management specialties. We offer the opportunity for each student to shape their own future and therefore we use wide range of learning opportunities. We are open for new ideas and work closely with enterprises. Students have the opportunity to use modern classrooms and laboratories with computer hardware and networks. The department's teachers are innovative and entrepreneurial, and in addition to the main teachers, a number of specialists from enterprises are teaching their experties to students.

The department's strenght is openness to new ideas and a network of cooperation with different Estonian and European schools. The most we value in students is the desire to develop and learn new skills, as the areas taught require a broad mind and continuous self-development throughout their professional career. One of our specialties is flexibility. We are trying to offer various types of study forms and learning opportunities to different target groups. We value entrepreneurship and involve learners in various business projects. We cooperate with the University of Tartu Idea Lab to support entrepreneurship education. Middle-school based IT students create their own student companies within the framework of their education. It is importand for middle-school based studies for the students to take part of volunteering and recreational activities. We have joined the Microsoft IT Academy, the MicroTik Network Academy and in the near future plan to continue cooperation with CISCO Network Academy. We have a tradition to invite 1st class students of the Variku School to advent morning. We offer students the opportunity to make the internship abroad and to learn some topics in English together with our international interns.

Our department has several long-term partnerships with Tartu University Hospital, different departments of Tartu City Governemt, University of Tartu, National Archive, Sonictest, Diara Arendus, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, various software and security companies in Tartu, etc. Close co-operation with professional associations: ITL, The Estonian Assistance Society, Eesti Raamatupidajate Kogu, Eesti Turvaettevõtete Liit, Eesti Arhivaaride Ühing. Thanks to these cooperations, we work together on curriculum development, and we can involve various specialists from enterprises as teachers.

Head of Department: Signe Vedler, Kopli 1-A405, phone +372 7361 842 or +372 5178 966, signe.vedler@khk.ee